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Monday’s “Ripples in the Bay” lunch fundraiser was a massive success, according to the Bay St. Louis Rotary club.

The event was scheduled to run for nearly three hours, but things quickly sold out within an hour.

“We planned for 1,000 meals and we already sold out based on the tickets we already had and the group orders we already have. So we’ve done very well, much better than we anticipated,” said Samantha Walley, the president of the Bay St. Louis Rotary Club.

Money raised from the lunch sales will be donated to local charities, like the Hancock County Food Pantry, but it was the fact they’ll bring the food to you that gave people a reason to have barbecue for lunch.

“People are ordering meals and realizing that they can have them delivered to their business, or pay it forward and provide meals to out first responders, our foster children, and emergency shelters here in town,” added Walley.

They even took a few to go boxes to the King’s Kitchen. “We appreciate the fact that they are bringing in a meal today. We already had a meal cooked, so that gives us the opportunity to send everybody home with a meal tonight,” said Troy Collins, a volunteer at King’s Kitchen.

The kitchen runs on volunteers and donations, so any help they receive always makes the day better. That is something that sits well with the volunteers.

“We are pleased, it’s been a good year. We had a lot of support from the community and from our rotary club. Rotarians here in Bay St. Louis are great group of people who seem to pull together every time we have an event, and make things happen for our community. Our community pulls together to help each other out,” said Walley.  

Money will also be donated to Hancock Youth Leadership and Starfish Cafe. 

Until their next big event, the club only wishes that more people in the community will simply pay it forward.

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